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Editing Step 2 —

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These values are set for your machine and normally do not need modified. Edit at your own risk! However, if you feel you make a mistake, you can Initialize EEPROM from the Tools menu.


The white boxes will all be populated with your printer's settings.

Probe Offset can be changed if you change the probe to nozzle relationship.

Steps/mm can be changed to fine tune your machine or add an aftermarket extruder. A popular bench test is a 20mm cube.

Calibration-PID Tuning>PID Automatic Tuning will initiate an automatic PID calibration. Enter a temperature 10 degrees over your printing temperature and press Start.

Calibration-PID Tuning>PID Manual Tuning will display the current saved values and allow manual adjustment.

After desired changes are made, press Store Settings

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.