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Pull the cables all way through the chain until the chain is close to the Y Carriage plate.

Leave a little length in the cables so they can be cable tied to the outside hole on the chain end. The M3 socket head screw will go through the inside hole. Tighten it with the M2.5 hex wrench.

If the chain does not clear the screw, you may have an earlier version machine and the screw is in a different location. Go to: for help with this.

Route the cables to the correct side.

The orange sleeve bunch should go towards the relay side.

The thermistor wires (some will be red bare wires, some will be in a white sleeve) will go away from the relay.

Pre-install the M3 socket head screw and T Nut to the inside hole as the outside hole can be used to secure the wiring.

After you have pulled the wires through completely, you can remove the electrical tape.

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