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Make sure all power cables to your 3D Printer are unplugged including wall plugs (A/C) and/or USB cables.

All screws and fasteners are right-hand thread. That means righty tighty, lefty loosey. During this procedure, keep all screws and hardware for reassembly.

All work will be on the lower frame assembly so start by disassembling your Raptor 2 / T REX 3 machine and getting to the point in the picture.

Remove any filament that is installed.

Unplug all connections between upper and lower frame, including the LED, DB15 cables to each print head and X and Z axis connections. Unplug and remove the display.

Remove the chassis ground (if installed) then remove the control box.

Remove the 8mm socket head screws (2) that hold the upper frame to the lower frame and push the bed all the way forward.

Double check that no wires are attached and lift off the upper frame.

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