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Grab the pull tab with your fingers and slowly pull it away from the battery, toward the bottom of the iPhone.

Pull hard enough to maintain tension on the strip, but don't force it. Give it plenty of time to stretch and un-stick from under the battery.

Don't press down on the battery. Hold the iPhone firmly by its sides.

Keep the strip flat and unwrinkled. Try to pull evenly on the whole strip, rather than pulling mainly in the middle or on one side.

Pull at a low angle so the strip doesn't snag on the edge of the battery.

If the adhesive strip breaks off, try to retrieve it using your fingers or blunt tweezers, and continue pulling—but do not pry under the battery.

If any of the adhesive strips break off underneath the battery and can't be retrieved, try to remove the other strips, and then proceed as instructed below.

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