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Using a heat gun or the ifixit iOpener tool, heat the top of the watch. I used a heat gun on low heat from 8-12 inches away moving it slightly back and forth over the watch for about 60 seconds so that the watch face is hot to the touch.

There is no need to heat the watch more than 60 seconds on low heat! Also, just as a precaution, do not heat the watch around combustible materials.

Based on the excellent series 3 screen repair video by Joe's Gaming and Electronics, I used a feeler gauge to slide slightly down and then slightly horizontal to get under the edge of the oled screen assembly.

Starting from the side opposite the digital crown, slowly and with careful control, slide or roll the feeler gauge around the edge of the screen to release the adhesive. After getting one side done you can use a pick to keep that edge open.

Keep moving around the screen until you have moved all the way around the screen, DO NOT GO TOO FAR IN with the feeler gage - just along the edges.

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