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Switch the workspace over to simulation and let the experiments begin.

Before you slam that solve button, make sure you have all your constraints covered and loads specified.

In this case, the main screw should be constrained in XYZ axis, the flat sides that mate flush to the camera body should be treated as frictionless, the two circular pegs should be constrained in just the XY axis and the square peg should be constrained in the XY axis.

There are additional supports that must be constrained as well, specifically the 45deg angled side walls that aid in rotational restriction of the end cap on the camera.

Next up is the definition of the load. F = m*a is an equation synonymous with Force in Newtonian mechanics. Newton is the SI unit for force. Mass is in kilograms and acceleration is in meters/sec^2. F = m*a with mass equal to the weight of the camera and g = the gravitational constant, 9.8m/s^2.

The force on the front face of the end cap is declared at a 30 degree angle to the orthogonal. This is reasonable considering the way the end cap would contact with a normal surface.

Weights: GH3+battery = 550g, GH3+battery+12-35mm lens = 810g, GH4+battery = 560g

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