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Of the six GH3 cameras and two GH4 cameras I have owned, more than half of the cameras exhibit broken LCD hinge covers. Panasonic heavily reused the design of the Lumix GH3 in the GH4 and many mechanical parts and assemblies are shared between the cameras. The hinge cover is one of them.

The hinge cover, part # VKM0C55, is not available for sale from Encompass Parts, the dedicated sole supplier of parts for Panasonic consumer cameras. The part is labeled "Restricted Part For Panasonic Use Only."

I contacted Encompass about this and they mentioned, "the part that you are requesting has been discontinued and is no longer available through Encompass."

I also contacted Encompass earlier in the year and received a similar response.

I called Panasonic Customer support and they referred me back to Encompass. I investigated a bit further and called the Panasonic Repair facility in Texas. They refused to sell me the parts and once again referred me back to Encompass.

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