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Remove the speaker grille by gently prying it from either side of the bar.

Start on one end by prying the grille until it comes free.

Do the same on the other side.

Work your way towards the center by prying gentling.

A plastic credit card can help in removing the grille. Place the sound bar face down and starting at one end, insert or slide the short side of the card between the black plastic grille frame and the short side of the sound bar shell.

Pick up the sound bar and gently push downward to begin separating the grille cover and frame from the sound bar shell.

As the two begin to come apart, it's fairly easy to move the card around and use a combination of pushing, pulling and wiggling to get the grille separated.

Remember to use extreme care so as not to damage the grille frame, grille cover or the wiring attached to the grille.

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