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Insert an opening pick into the small gap between the rear case and the glass panel.

The gap between the panel and the frame is very tight, so it may help to rock or slide the pick back and forth as you push it down into the gap. Alternatively, you can use a thin blade or metal pry tool to lift the panel before prying the rest of the way with a pick, but work slowly and gently to avoid damaging the glass.

If you're having trouble inserting your pick, go back a step and heat the panel further. Loosening the panel requires significant heat, but avoid heating the middle of the phone where the battery is.

A few drops of high-concentration (at least 90%) isopropyl alcohol applied to the edges of the panel may help to loosen the adhesive as well.

Do not pry over the charging port. It is framed with plastic that can be damaged when prying.

With tip of the pick under the glass panel, carefully pry upward to slightly separate the rear case and the panel.

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