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Using a Phillips Head #1 screwdriver, unscrew the 15 screws on the bottom of the device

After all the screws are unscrewed, remove the bottom plate. If this is the first time that you are removing this back cover, the last screw is hidden under the "factory seal" label. You will need to break that label to reach that screw.

Keep track of all the screws and which slot they came from, as they slightly differ. We recommend this system: lay out on a piece of paper and pretending the paper is the device. Place the screws on the paper approximately where they would go.

Another method for keeping track of all the screws would be to secure each removed screw near the hole that it was removed from with a piece of painters or masking tape. This type of tape is easy to remove from the fuzzy surface but strong enough to secure the screw to the back cover.

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