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Step Lines

[* black] Before we get anywhere, we've got to disconnect the display. Its two cables are secured by plastic plugs in the midframe, that we need a [product|IF145-012|hefty tool|new_window=true] to pry out.
[* black] Just like in the original Pixel XL, a [guide|71237|magnesium midframe|stepid=142650|new_window=true] separates the display from the innards, and provides a solid backing behind the display for when you're candy crushing it.
-[* black] Looks like this newest flagship runs a little hotter than its predecessor, as the midframe now incorporates a copper heat pipe.
+[* black] Piggybacking on that midframe we find a brand new heat pipe! Looks like this phone might just run a bit hotter than its previous incarnation.