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[title] RemoveFree the motherboard
[title] RemoveFree the motherboard
[* black] Yes, you really have to remove the motherboard, I'm sorry. But we haven't gone this far just to stop! Let's take it out.
[* black] Remove the nine short screws circled in the picture.
[* black] Remove the Wi-Fi card antennas by pulling up on the connectors.
[* black] Remove the Wi-Fi card by pulling it away from its slot.
[* black] Remove the optical drive by sliding it to your right, and out.
[* black] Remove the power jack connection (shown in an orange rectangle) by pulling it back, away from the motherboard.
[* black] Remove the speaker connection (shown in a yellow rectangle) the same way as the power jack connection.
[* black] Pull the motherboard towards you and to the right, slowly, and then we'll talk about the rest of it.