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-[title] Apply the oleophobic liquid to your screen
-[* black] If your kit has a sponge-style pad on the top, keep the pad facing upwards. Gently press a tissue onto the top of the pad to release excess pressure.
-[* black] If instead your kit came with a liquid dropper or bottle, simply squeeze 10-15 drops directly onto your device's screen.
+[title] Prepare a wiping finger
+[* icon_note] ***Read the next three steps before you attempt the procedure.*** The oleophobic coating's liquid solvent evaporates very quickly when applied, so you'll need to work quickly.
+[* black] Wrap one finger in a bit of plastic. You can use a sandwich bag or some plastic wrap.
+ [* icon_note] You will use this covered finger to rub the coating liquid onto the screen. This will prevent your finger from absorbing the liquid.

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