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+[* black] flip your laptop upside down and remove all outer screws (6 in total)
+[* black] pop open the battery and remov all visible screw (7 in total) underneath
+[* black] flip your laptop rightside up and pry the cornes of the bezel pushing it up at the same time
+[* black] as soon as you free the bezel from the base the keyboard will loosen
+[* black] carefully remove the ribbon connections of the keyboard and power/wifi button (while your at it do some cleaning)
+[* black] disconnect and re-connect the monitor ribbon (white connector on the left side) and make sure it seats tight in the connection
+[* black] do some reverse engineering and return all connections back (you may have to spend more time connecting the keyboard/bezel to the base making sure it seats flushed smoothly)
+[* black] power your laptop on and your monitor should be up and running