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Step Lines

-[* black] Same adhesive as before. Lil heat and a lil pry to open.
-[* black] BOOOM looks similar as previous gen, but heat sink is different, battery is larger, and SSD is no longer removable!!!!
+[* black] With such a similar exterior, it's no surprise that we find an identical opening procedure. Just as in the [guide|51568|Surface Pro 4|stepid=112527|new_window=true], we apply some iOpener heat, suction up the display, and slice through the adhesive with an opening pick.
+[* black] We start looking for [guide|51568|differences|stepid=112587|new_window=true] and pick out a whopper. Microsoft has traded away the removable blade SSD for a little more battery real estate. There goes the sole upgradeable feature from last year's model.
+ [* black] Additional, less exciting differences include a more spidery heat sink design, four-cell instead of two-cell battery, and new svelte black color scheme.