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Step Lines

-[* black] Last but not least! Or maybe it's least. It's a button ribbon cable.
-[* black] Also sports a couple more IR LEDs. And what looks like a third LED, possibly a status light?
-[* black] Nothing on the back but the glue that held it down.
+[* black] Last but not least! We peel up an action-packed ribbon cable. All told we uncover:
+ [* red] Two more IR LEDs, bringing the per-controller total up to 24, the exact number found in the [guide|62213|Vive controller|stepid=130838|new_window=true].
+ [* orange] An LED that shines through the top, presumably as a visible light status LED.
+ [* yellow] The final menu/oculus button switch
+ [* green] A spring contact for the conducting pad that turns the "thumb rest" into a [|capacitive button|new_window=true].

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