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Step Lines

[* black] The joystick board appears the be the brains of this operation, it's packed solid with silicon and switches.
[* black] And two big ol' springs for the buttons, probably so they're not too stiff, or too soft, but juuuust right.
[* black] Chips! Some of these guys look oddly [guide|52578|familiar|stepid=117511|new_window=true]...
[* red] Nordic Semiconductor [|nRF51822|new_window=true] Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz proprietary SoC
[* orange] Analog Devices [|AD7147|new_window=true] single-electrode capacitance sensors controller
- [* yellow] Invensense MP651 6-axis combo gyroscope and accelerometer
+ [* yellow] Invensense [|MP651|new_window=true] 6-axis combo gyroscope and accelerometer