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Step Lines

-[* black] In addition to a handful of passive components, we spy a couple of empty solder pads—perhaps to make custom LED hacks a little quicker.
-[* black] Besides motherboard interconnect and vibrator sockets, we also spy a hexagonal test-point array, accessible from the bottom of the battery caddy.
-[* black] The haptic vibration motor takes a little more work (heat and prying) to extract—it's well-secured with glue.
- [* icon_note] Everyone seems to be going linear-oscillator these days—iPhones, MacBooks, Pixel phones, and now VR controllers. Haptics—the simulated feel of the future.
+[* black] i changed this because i feel like it tf
+[* black] report me idc
+[* black] suck some joystick :)(:
+ [* icon_note] some coochie:():