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Changes to Step #15

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Step Lines

[* black] We flip the lobo over to the reverse side and keep scouring:
[* red] Making a second appearance, SKhynix [|H9CCNNNBJTML|new_window=true] LPDDR3 high-speed synchronous DRAM
[* orange] Texas Instruments SN650839 66AL7XWGI (as seen in the [guide|62149|2016 Retina MacBook|stepid=130742])
[* yellow] 2x Texas Instruments CD3215B03 66AQ8YW G1
[* green] Winbond SpiFlash [|W25Q64FV|new_window=true] 64 Mb serial flash memory
[* light_blue] Texas Instruments [|TM4EA231|new_window=true] H6ZXRI system management controller
[* blue] CS42L63ACirrus Logic [|CS42L63A|new_window=true] Audio Codec
[* blue] CS42L63ACirrus Logic [|CS42L63A|new_window=true] Audio Codec
[* violet] Intersil 95828 HRTZ X630MRR