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[* black] Let's take a look at what's powering this sideways storage slate:
[* red] SanDisk SDRQKBDC4 064G 64 GB NAND flash memory (x4 for a total of 256 GB).
- [* orange] Apple 338S00227
- [* yellow] Texas Instruments 58879D MOSFET
+ [* orange] Apple 338S00227 SSD power management
+ [* yellow] Texas Instruments CSD58879D MOSFET
[* green] F4432ACPE-GD-F likely Micron 512 MB DDR2 RAM
[* icon_note] On a [guide|39841|hunch|stepid=90315|new_window=true], we hunted under this chip.
[* light_blue] Success! A reflow revealed: Apple 338S00199 SSD controller
[* icon_note] This marks the first time we've seen Apple's super-custom SSD controller in a removable PCIe SSD. Let's hope these suckers will be available for future upgrades!