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Step Lines

-[* black] First step: battery disconnection. And this one's a puzzle.
-[* black] Usually this kind of T5 secures an SSD or AirPort card, but this time it holds the weirdest contact cable we've seen yet.
+[* black] We go to disconnect the battery and realize things are strange. Let's see if further investigation reveals why.
+[* black] Usually this type of T5 screw usually secures an SSD or AirPort card. This time it is securing a unique connector cable. Strange...
+[* black] Removing the connector reveals some copper pads... Are these simply ''test points''?
+ [* icon_note] A [|test point|new_window=true] is an exposed metal pad that allows for electronic circuit diagnostics. Think of it as a portal to the circuit, revealing continuity, allowing for test signals, and providing additional spots to short the board.