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[* black] We really just want to look at this motherboard, but we're thwarted by a ([guide|17383|very Apple-like|stepid=52330|new_window=true]) fingerprint sensor cable boobie trap! Fortunately, it proves very easy to disarm.
[* black] Next is another mini board with microphone and the rangefinder that enables the XL's laser autofocus.
[* icon_note] These smaller bits aren't always so modular; in other phones, we often find them clustered together on the main board. More modularity means cheaper and easier repairs—if a single component fails, you don't have to replace the entire motherboard or embark on a risky microsoldering adventure.
[* icon_reminder] '''Teardown Update''': This blue "mystery" component hanging out next to the main camera is just a passive inductor, as evidenced by its two solder pads and copper wire coil.

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