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[* black] After briefly fighting through some sticky adhesives to open the case, we're faced with another set of repair obstacles—teeny tiny [product|IF145-299|tri-point] screws securing the cable bracket, just like in the 7's [guide|67384|big brother, the 7 Plus|stepid=136472|new_window=true].
[* icon_note] Worried about where to get such an obscure driver for your iPhone's eventual battery swap? We've got you covered, and have already included it in our [product|IF145-299|64-bit toolkit].
[* icon_caution] Resting the front panel display open can possibly damage the flex.
[* black] With the front panel and strings of sticky glue out of the way, we whip out our trusty spudger and disconnect the battery. Next, it's time to set our spudger to the task of popping off display connectors.