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[title] Disconnect Fan Cable
[* icon_caution] '''Caution:''' Be careful not to touch the capacitor wires as you work. If possible, use a [guide|2177|capacitor discharge probe|new_window=true] to safely rid the capacitors of dangerous charges.
[* black] Using the point end of your plastic spudger, or your fingers, gently pull back the tab holding the fan power cord in place.
[* black] Gently pull the cable up and away from the circuit board.
[* yellow] If you look inside the yellow box, top left corner, you will notice a grey color on top of a capacitor. I'm not positive what this substance is but it has a consistency of sticky tack, if you remember playing with that as a kid. When I first opened the power supply the fan power cable was pressed into it rendering it stuck. Gently pull the cable up