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[* black] See the red circle and arrow in this picture. I found it hard to remove the logicboard with the light guide attached. I thought I would damage a component on the board if I just pulled it out and tore off the light guide. I can now say that I needn't have worried.
[* black] The light guide is held in place by a piece of sticky soft foam rubber. Basically a sticky ring. Don't worry about pulling it off the board as you remove it from the casing. You cannot damage any components if you remove the light guide.
[* black] I got really worried about how I was going to get it in again as it refused to fit back through the aperture. I removed it from the logic-board and glued it in place inside the casing, then fitted the logic-board back over the top afterward. Presto! I got the board in again and put all back in place in about 20 minutes.

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