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[title] Remove LED PCB
[* black] Removing the diffuser exposes the LED PCB. The edge of the WiFi board can also be seen with the antenna protruding.
[* black] On the LED PCB, you can see the white and colored LEDs. The PCB is a thermally-conductive aluminum material.
[* black] Around the edge of the bulb's case there is a plastic retaining ring attached by four Phillips-head screws. It's not necessary to remove this for further disassembly.
[* black] The LED PCB has a pin header that connects down into the WiFi board. A thermal adhesive pad holds the PCB to the metal bulb case. You can gently pry around the edge of the PCB until the adhesive releases, and the connector separates.
[* black] On my bulb, the PCB was not fully-seated on the thermal pad, potentially causing heat-related intermittent faults.