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[title] Motherboard and fan
[* black] Now is an excellent time to clean the fan and the cooling vanes through which it blows air. If necessary you can use a pin to dislodge dust stuck to the vanes, then a vacuum cleaner crevice tool to suck it out.
[* icon_caution] Hold the fan vanes still while you apply the vacuum cleaner as there is a theoretical possibility that if you spin the fan too fast it could generate a high enough voltage to damage the motherboard.
[* icon_caution] Do not remove the heat sink from the processor and support chips unless you have to. If you do, it's essential that you clean off and replace the heat sink paste in the proper fashion as otherwise the processor is very likely to overheat.
[* black] The backup battery is just behind the RAM sockets on a pair of flying leads. Remove the modem module (just above it in the photo - retained by a single screw) in order to unplug it.
[* icon_note] Unplugging the backup battery does not reset the BIOS or wipe a BIOS password as it's only used to keep the real time clock running. (There are YouTube videos showing how to reset a BIOS password.)