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Step Lines

[* red] With the laptop upside down, disconnect the power connector visible in the RAM bay. Turn the laptop right side up again.
[* orange] Disengage 4 connectors from the top of the motherboard:
[* orange] The video connector near the top left.
[* orange] A small connector adjacent to it.
[* orange] A small connector at the bottom right corner of the motherboard
[* orange] The 2nd hard disk bay connector towards the bottom right of the motherboard.
[* yellow] Disengage two connectors on a small circuit board on the bottom of the 2nd hard disk bay and lift the screened cable off the bay.
[* green] Remove 2 6.5mm black screws. (On reassembly it's important to put these screws back in the right holes otherwise the front cover of the laptop won't fit.