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[* red] The oil filter is a small cylinder—about 2.5" in diameter—located on the right side of the engine, underneath the intake manifold.
[* black] Hold a rag or towel underneath the oil filter and grab the filter with your hand. The rag will be used to catch any leaking oil when removing the filter
[* black] Loosen the oil filter by twisting it counterclockwise.
[* icon_note] You may have to use an oil filter wrench if the filter is on too tight. There is very limited space next to the engine, though, so a wrench that fits over the top of the filter is ideal.
[* black] When the oil filter is completely loose, rotate it so that the open end is facing upward to prevent any large spills before removing it from the engine bay.
[* black] Remove the oil filter and set it on a level surface with the open end facing up.