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Step Lines

[* black] But wait, there's even more chips on the back:
[* red] Toshiba [|TH58TFT0DFKLAVF|new_window=true] 128 GB MLC NAND Flash
[* orange] Samsung K3QF4F4 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM (x2, for a total of 8 GB)
[* yellow] Texas Instruments/Stellaris [|LM4FS1EH] [|SMC Controller|new_window=true] (Replacement codename for TM4EA231)
[* blackgreen] SMSC [|1704-2|new_window=true] Temperature Sensor
[* blackgreen] SMSC [|1704-2|new_window=true] Temperature Sensor
[* black] Texas Instruments SN650839
[* black] Texas Instruments TPS51980A
[* black] Texas Instruments CD3215B01 61AHXHW

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