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[* black] Logic board bottom.
[* black] Part numbers:
- [* black] H5RS5223CFA 11C 834A; LFXPW-AE 5MGC A827RR83; ISL6236 IRZ H832BL4; F2117LP 20H V AF00391 0823JPN; ISL9504 BHRZ H0832BBX2; CY8C24794-24L FXI 0831 A 05 KOR CYP 633912; REALTEK RTL8251CA 85983Q1 G824; ISL6236 IRZ H832BL4; NXP L0614 01 21 ZPD824
[* black] We'd love help identifying parts and chips. If you have any information, let us know: kyle (at) ifixit dot com.