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Step Lines

[* black] The top of the logic board. We're working on identifying the chips.
[* black] The main processor appears to be an Apple-branded ARM processor manufactured by Samsung with DRAM on-package. Based on the date code, this processor was manufactured in early July of this year.
[* black] Markings on the main processor: 339S0049 ARM, K4X56323PI-KGC4, YWE025QH 825, APL0278A00, N1B2HOP 0831
[* black] Apple-logo chip above the processor: 338S0687-AC, 08288HBB
[* black] Small black chip below the main processor: 33DL, 2827
[* black] Shiny Apple chip in the bottom right: 338S055C, 189N0824, SGP