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+[* icon_caution] Since the keyboard and the track pad of the top board are connected with the logic board with the ribbon cable, please never forcibly pull out. The ribbon cable may be torn down.
+[* black] Let's detach the top board on the principle of lever (lever) so that it goes around from the screen side to the front side of the computer. If you use the [product|IF145-335|plastic opening tool] or a stiff guitar pick, you can easily remove it.
+[* icon_note] As the top of the optical drive top seems to stick together, please put a guitar pick etc. on both sides of the optical drive that is not sticking first and remove the top board with a lever.
+[* icon_note] After removing the work, the four gray plastic clips holding the keyboard may be disengaged, but please do not rush. There is a part where you put the clip in the corner of CD drive periphery right side corner and there is no problem if you slide the clip into it and set it there.