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Step Lines

[* red] Please remove the three Phillips screws equally spaced on the partition of the battery on the back side of the main unit.
[* icon_reminder] Since the screw is fixed to the metal memory cover, there is no worry of losing it.
[* icon_caution] (Translator's Comment) Although I am unable to turn Phillips (Phillips) screws in accordance with the JIS standards sold in Japan, since it does not mean that the shapes are perfectly matched, There is a possibility that it may not be possible to reassemble in the worst case because it is scraped.
[* black] Drivers for Phillips screws are sold with the notation PHxxx or PH # xxx if going to a home center etc. (x is a number, it is like 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 ... from the smallest tip order). Or you can also purchase it at the iFixit store because it is sold.