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Step Lines

[* black] in order to be able to better work with the motherboard we disconnect the microphone which is hidden underneath the motherboard.
[* red] To start remove a strip of adhesive tape located underneath the motherboard near the location of the two screws removed in the previous step. The area where the strip is at is highlighted in the first picture.
[* black] Gently pry the mother board towards the side with the 4 wire connection as shown in the picture.
[* orange] The wire connecting the microphone near the bottom of the motherboard opposite side of the adhesive tape previously removed will be held down by adhesive and some foam that will be needed to be scraped off.
[* yellow] once the wire has more slack after removing the foam and adhesive unscrew the 4mm phillips head screw holding the microphone in place.
[* black] The microphone screw and adhesive foam are shown in the picture.

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