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[* black] The G4's 3.85 V lithium-ion battery is rated for a minimum of 11.2 Wh. While LG's marketing department doesn't make any specific claims about battery life, they've made sure to let us know that the 3,000 mAh battery [|lasts and lasts|new_window=true].
[* black] The [guide|39174|Galaxy S6|stepid=89610|new_window=true] ranks close behind at 3.85 V, 9.82 Wh.
[* black] The [guide|29213|iPhone 6|stepid=69246|new_window=true] features a 3.82 V battery with an energy rating of 6.91 Wh.
[* black] The most exciting feature of this battery is the fact that it's removable.
[* icon_note] Recently, we've seen a trend of [guide|39166|flagship phones|stepid=88193|new_window=true] with [guide|39174|difficult-to-remove|stepid=89602|new_window=true] batteries. We're glad to see that LG has decided to break this pattern.