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[* black] Scraping the bottom of the ~~barrel~~ watch case, we find the pulse-pounding sensor action. And lenses.
[* black] Apple's heart rate monitor is actually a [|plethysmograph|new_window=true]—it [|looks and acts like a pulse oximeter|new_window=true], but Apple isn’t claiming it can measure your blood oxygen level. Why? ''Beats us''.
[* icon_note] Our best guesses involve [|FDA|new_window=true] [|regulations|new_window=true].
[* black] Nestled in the case we also find a magnet, to help seat the watch on its inductive charger. ''Electrifying.''
[* black] We find a [guide|28891|familiar looking|stepid=68739|new_window=true] coil of wire resting in the composite cover. We're guessing this is the inductive charging coil.