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[* black] After removing the S1, we circle back to the display panel and find a lonesome chip:
[* red] Analog Devices [|AD7166|new_window=true] ARM Cortex M3-based Touchscreen Controller
[* icon_note] Analysts have [|anticipated|new_window=true] that [|LG would be the supplier|new_window=true] of the Apple Watch's Retina display, and our best guess is that Watch is sporting a [|Plastic AMOLED|new_window=true] display made by LG.
[* black] With some careful tweezing, we pull up what appears to be an ambient light sensor.
[* icon_note] We're betting that this is one of Apple's new [|solar cell ambient light sensors|new_window=true]. This allows for the sensor to be '''behind''' the display panel, as opposed to the traditional surface-mounted design seen on most smartphones and tablets.