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[* black] Apple has opted to transition from using a row of LEDs with a light guide panel, to installing individual LEDs beneath each key.
[* black] And behind those LEDs, we find:
- [* red] An array of Texas Instruments [|TLC5951|new_window=true] PWM LED drivers
- [* orange] One NXP [|PCAL6416A|new_window=true] I/O Expander
+ [* red] An array of four Texas Instruments [|TLC5951|new_window=true] PWM LED drivers
+ [* orange] A pair of NXP [|PCAL6416A|new_window=true] I/O Expanders
[* icon_note] They claim that this new keyboard [|design|new_window=true] provides even lighting across the whole keyboard, while maintaining a higher level of power efficiency than previous designs.

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