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Step Lines

[* black] Three pentalobes later...
[* black] ...and 10 Phillips screws with weird sloping spacers, allowing them to secure the keyboard at an angle...
[* black] ...and finally two screws that fit into the case clips (throwback to [guide|39841|step 6|stepid=89784|new_window=true]).
[* black] We can't complain too much, I mean screws are better than adhesive—[|oh my goodness|new_window=true].
[* black] The adhesive backing (a kind of layered tape) is stuck to the keyboard, and barely holds together upon peeling.
[* black] Under the blanket of tape is a [|field of disheartening stars|new_window=true]. Two pentalobes per key, plus a row at the top and bottom, for a total of ***83***, plus the three from before.
- [* icon_note] "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair." — Jony Ive, probably.
+ [* icon_note] "Look on my Macs, ye Mighty, and despair." — Jony Ive, probably.