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Changes to Step #12

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Step Lines

[* black] It's time to put the chips on the table! Let's see what this logic board has to offer:
[* red] Elpida/Micron [|FB164A1MA-GD-F|new_window=true] 8 GB LPDDR3 Mobile RAM
[* orange] Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKLAVF NB2953 128 GB MLC NAND Flash memory (+ 128 GB on the reverse side for a total of 256 GB)
[* yellow] NXP [|11U37|new_window=true] microcontroller; 128 kB flash, 10kB SRAM
[* green] SMSC [|1704-2|new_window=true] Temperature Sensor
- [* light_blue] Texas Instrument SN6508 (probably power converter related to [|SN6501|new_window=true])
+ [* light_blue] Texas Instruments SN6508 (probably power converter related to [|SN6501|new_window=true])