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Step Lines

[* black] Wait, this is a notebook, right? Where's the battery connector?
[* black] At a loss, we play with this little yellow button for a bit. [|Boop|new_window=true].
-[* black] Apple likes to hide battery connectors under their logic boards, making safe repair more difficult, but if we've learned anything from our time working on iPads...
-[* black] This newly minted battery isolation pick might be just the trick we need.
+[* black] We've seen something like this beforeā€”in the iPad, Apple loves to hide the battery connector under the logic board. This is the first time we've seen it in a laptop, so it looks like it's time for...
+[* black] This newly minted [product|IF145-304|battery isolation pick|new_window=true] might be just the trick we need to keep the juice away from the logic board's spring contacts.