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[* black] While we want to commend Apple for adopting the new USB Type-C standard, they've done so in a way that makes it impossible to use old adapters on new devices. The MagSafe and Thunderbolt ports of old are gone. The new MacBook has one USB-C [|to rule them all.|new_window=true]
- [* black] The Retina MacBook ships with a 29-watt USB-C power adapter (middle)
+[* black] For comparisons sake:
[* black] 10-watt iPad USB adapter (left)
+ [* black] 29-watt USB-C power adapter included with the MacBook (middle)
[* black] 60-watt MacBook Air Magsafe 2 (right)
[* icon_note] This is the first MacBook in memory to ship without some form of MagSafe adapter. The breakaway nature of MagSafe made it less likely to damage ports and plugs when yanked.
[* black] Hopefully users will benefit from the standardization, and not trip over their cables ''too'' often.