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Step Lines

-[* black] Front lobo
+[* black] We forgot our IC decoder ring, but no matter—a lot of these chips [guide|18695|look very familiar|stepid=53251]:
+ [* red] Intel [|SR26K|new_window=true] Dual-Core i5-5257U Processor with Intel Graphics HD 6000
+ [* orange] SK Hynix [|H9CCNNNBLTALAR|new_window=true] LPDDR-SDRAM
+ [* yellow] Cirrus 4208-CRZ Two-Channel Low Power HD Audio Codec
+ [* green] Intel [|DSL5520|new_window=true] Thunderbolt 2 Controller
+ [* light_blue] Texas Instruments TI 58872D
+ [* blue] 2 x Fairchild Semiconductor DE46SY

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