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-[title] Open the Joystick
+[title] Open the Joystick - Unscrewing
[* icon_note] Please take a moment and note how your joystick is assembled and all the parts that can be dettached. I recommend to make a few photos before dismanteling it.
[* black] With the Phillips screwdrive unscrew the #1 to #4 screws in Fig. 1.
[* black] Using the Torx T10 head, unscrew the #5 (Fig. 1), #6, #7 and #8 screws (Fig. 2)
[* icon_caution] Screws 5 & 6 have a larger thread pace than 7 & 8, although the heads are the same. So please take care when you screw them back on.
[* black] Using your hand, unscrew #9 (Fig. 2). Please note that you cannot completely remove this screw, but you don't need to do this anyway.
[* icon_caution] Carefully remove the plastic bracket and the support holding the "Pinky trigger" (Fig. 3). ***DO NOT*** force its removal, or you can break it.