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Step Lines

[* black] Once we got inside, our trusty Phillips drivers started to mysteriously let us down—these screws seemed to be in between two sizes.
[* black] Surprise, they're [|JIS|new_window=true]! Now, where do we get ahold of a [product|IF145-022|JIS bit|new_window=true]...
[* black] With our driver properly equipped, the motherboard comes flying out without delay...
[* black] ...or not? There's not one, but ''two'' cables attached to the rear of the motherboard, just to make things tricky.
[* icon_reminder] Boy, [|reassembly's gonna be fun|new_window=true].
[* icon_caution] During Reassembly, ensure that the top display cables on the bottom of the board are in the correct way up. They are easy to insert upside-down, which will result in your top screen not working.