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[* icon_note] '''Jim, is this the gyroscope found in the iPhone 4? (ST LYPR540AH)'''
[* black] Shown in this photo is the ST LYPR540AH Tri-axis MEMS gyroscope.
[* black] Arrays of central capacitive plates drive two semiannular surfaces about a central axis perpendicular to the top plane of the gyro, while arrays of sensing capacitive plates line the outer edge of the semiannular plates.
[* black] To achieve the linear displacement needed for feedback from the gyroscope, two equal masses are oscillated about the vertical axis. Since their velocities at any given point in time are opposite, external rotation of the device will induce coriolis forces opposite to each other. The direction of these forces depends on the axis of external rotation, and is given by the cross product of the vectors specifying the external rotation and the linear velocity.