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[* black] Verizon iPhone 4 Repairability Score: '''6 out of 10''' (10 is easiest to repair)
[* green] The iPhone 4 is held together primarily with [lots of] screws, sans tabs, and limited adhesive.
[* green] The rear panel and battery are both easy to remove and replace (provided you have the right [product|IF182-019|kit] and/or correct [product|IF145-096|screwdriver]).
[* red] Apple is using [|Pentalobe screws] to secure the rear panel and keep people out.
[* red] The LCD and glass are fused together, making repairing a cracked front panel more costly.
[* red] During disassembly, your finger oils interfere with the iPhone 4's RF grounding contact points, so we recommend you wear gloves while performing any repairs.

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