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+[title] Remove the logic board.
+[* black] Using a prying tool, or fingernails if you prefer, carefully release the flat-flex ribbon from it's connector by sliding the locking bar up, and gently pulling the flex out.
+[* black] The ribbon is quite delicate, so if you encounter resistance, stop and make sure the connector is unlocked. Don't pull sideways or diagonally as you may tear the ribbon.
+[* black] Now locate the one and only screw in this keyboard. Treating it with the utmost respect, carefully unscrew it and set it aside - savouring the moment - because later on you'll wish there were more of them.
+[* black] The logic board assembly will now slide out though the side of the keyboard with the power button. Hold the ribbon cable out of the way while doing this to avoid accidentally tearing it.