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-[title] Accessing the Battery
+[title] Freeing the Battery
[* black] After we have removed the motherboard cover, we notice that the battery is in tact and has a black ribbon attached to it, which is mounted on the logic board.
-[* black] Using the spudger, lift the battery up until it has successfully been popped out.
-[* black] Be careful not to apply excessive force since this might possibly damaged the ribbon attached to the battery.
+[* black] Using the spudger, carefully begin to lift the the battery up from the side opposite the ribbon. Be aware that there is high grade adhesive holding the battery in it's bay so caution and patience it your friend.
+[* icon_caution] This battery is not encased in a hard shell so it is soft and malleable so caution must be taken when removing so as not to cause permanent damage.

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